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The Listening Experience


Bree and Michelle are best friends and what starts off as a friendly conversation about men, sex during a pandemic, and wine, opens the door to a secret that frees Bree but causes a wedge between the two friends. 

Written & Directed By: Crystal Joy 

Starring: Jourdan Walker & Crystal Joy 

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Jiki Jiki: A Cultural Shift


A short documentary film following gender non-conforming body Debbie Molefe as they navigate living truthfully to themselves on the African continent.

Directed By: Tshepang Khunou

Executive Produced By: Simphiwe Ndhlebe 

Produced By: Crystal Joy

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Jozi To The World


Connecting two worlds together this short film documentary follows a rising actress as she reflects on her journey while living in Johannesburg.

Directed By: Wendy Ntinezo

Written By: Crystal Joy

Produced By: Simphiwe Ndhlebe, Tshepang Khunou, Wendy Ntinezo, and Crystal Joy

movie poste, film, short film, independent film, indie, art, Crystal Joy

The Woe Chronicles


 When expectations don't match reality, Kendra's       weekend plans turn into bruised feelings and an   unanswered question with little explanation.

Directed By: Sam George

Written By: Crystal Joy

Starring: Crystal Joy

Behind The Silence

Behind The Silence


A young couple struggles with the diagnosis of their sons autism while trying to maintain their marriage and keep their family a unit.

Directed By: Chan C. Smith & Crystal Joy

Written By: Crystal Joy

Starring: Charles Andrew Gardner, Crystal Joy & Harlem Hervey

Privilege Unhinged


A young black professional struggles to speak up about racial disparities at her job after a very tense encounter with colleagues.

Directed By: Lande Yoosuf

Written By: Lande Yoosuf

Produced By: Lande Yoosuf (One Scribe Media), Del-Ann Henry, Crystal Joy, Martha Frances William, Shurize Richards, Reggie E. Williams

movie poste, film, short film, independent film, indie, art, Crystal Joy



Kyle and Briana are involved in a toxic relationship and struggle to let each other go.

Directed By: Anthony Richards

Written By: Crystal Joy

Starring: Duke Williams & Crystal Joy

movie poste, film, short film, independent film, indie, art, Crystal Joy



A 70's rocker continues to relive her glory days in a drug induced haze until she meets someone who does not know who she is.

Directed By: Anthony Almonte

Written By: Crystal Joy

Starring: Meredith Binder, Christopher BalbiMatthew Chai 

Produced by: Meredith Binder

Don't Mess With Helen


Shawn is a retired US army soldier, dealing with PTSD and violent bursts. Shawn and his wife Helen live in Queens, NYC. It is a Friday evening, a pizza is on its way, and Helen's had enough of the way things are.

Directed By: Outi Behm

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