Inner Muse Creative Writing Workshop with Crystal Joy

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It’s easy to look around and think that other people are more creative than you are, or it's easier for them to tell a story than you, but that is never the case. We are all creative and have a story to tell no matter how mundane or small we think it is. We are often told to quiet our emotions and inner voices, but in doing so, we silence and minimize our stories. If you look deep within yourself, you will find the narratives that have been screaming to get out. The secret is more simple than you realize. Inspiration lies in the joys, pains, and daily frustrations of our own lives. The secret is you -- you are your own muse. You just have find her and let her out.

Have a pen and paper ready as this 2 hour class will provide a lecture and exercises that will invoke emotions from you to create a story arc your audience can connect with -- motivating you to look within. Understand that the greatest artistic choice you can make is to use yourself as your own muse.